Stop Using Whatsapp as a News Portal!

These are the times of crisis, for the Indian News Media. Why you ask? Think yourself, what do you find, news channels running shows on snakes and apocalypse, newspaper flooded with advertisements and social media thriving on fake news.   I understand that today,  we, Indians, are left with a handful of options when it comes to learning about the socio-political and economic condition of … Continue reading Stop Using Whatsapp as a News Portal!

Why Ramadan is for All

Ramadan or the holy month of Islam is the time for Muslims around the world to be the best versions of themselves. But, I believe, that the concept of self-betterment that the month brings, should not be restricted to only one particular religion. Just like we put up diyas during Diwali, smear our face red during Holi and visit the Church on Christmas eve, we … Continue reading Why Ramadan is for All